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Removals & Storage Services

F Smith & Son is a family run Removals company, covering South London, Surrey and Kent areas.

Secure Storage In South London

There are several reasons why people use storage units in the South of London. Whatever the reason is, you should ensure that you get yourself secure storage for your property. Knowing that your property is in a place you can trust will leave you stress-free. Book Here:

Some of the instances where you might need to get storage are;

Moving Into a New Home.

In the complex property market, selling your property and moving to a new area is not always a smooth deal. It is a process that requires several days of preparation for everything to proceed smoothly. Delays are likely to occur, and if you don’t have a backup option, you may get stranded. Having a secure storage space will for sure be of great help to you.

Renovation Of Your Existing Home.

You could be repainting your walls or having some extensions in your home. Having a secure storage unit is advisable because if there are any sensitive items, they can be stored there. You can store your items while the project is ongoing then take them out after completion.

Are you in South London and are looking for secure storage? At F Smith & Son, we have the solution for you. Contact us to get commercial and domestic storage services. Ours is a company focused on delivering the best services. We are reliable, and our only goal is to provide top-quality storage services to all our esteemed clients.

Our services:

Domestic Storage.

There could be several reasons why you could need that extra space. You could need some furniture to be moved to free some working space, or you could be looking to create enough room for your project. Whatever the reason, you deserve to have a top-class storage service that you can contact.

If you are into buying and selling a property you are going to need secure storage space. Most buyers in the market have different preferences, and having a house that has its contents of the entire house can be very difficult to sell.

Commercial Storage.

Here at F Smith and Son, we understand the business requirements and wants clearly. When it comes to money matters, saving time and space is our priority. Is your office undergoing a refitting or an expansion? Call us to store your items in our secure spaces. Once you contact us, we will have you fill an inventory form to ensure all your items are safe.

Why Choose Us

F Smith and Sons is a company with good security in place for our storage facilities. Having been equipped with metallic doors and recent locking technology, we guarantee that your property will be safe and sound with us.

Numerous Size Operations.
This one factor that most storage units lack here in South London. At F Smith and Son, we provide our clients with multiple storage options and let them chose the one the suits their needs.

We Are Insured
Our company is insured so that you do not incur extra costs in case of mishaps during the transportation of your goods.

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